May Highlights


What’s on the list for May? Adjustments, glasses, internships, and more…

May has always been very special to me because it is my birth month (and my dad’s) and Spring happens to be my favorite season. When I reflect on the past month, I cannot help but feel the passage of time has felt unnaturally slow. I arrived in Maryland around May 6th after April’s finals, and every day since there has been an item, “on the checklist,” to complete. I was certainly idle at times but I still cannot believe how long we have been stuck in May’s time-warp. Doctor’s appointments, celebrations (Mother’s day and birthdays), interviews, family reunions, and travel have made their appearances and now the 31st is finally upon us. I have had to change plenty in this month to refamiliarize myself with home-life. This includes its required duties, lack of privacy, and kid-recognition (when will I ever be an adult in my parent’s eyes??) In addition, the weather has been quite an adjustment from sunny Florida and calls for a revision of the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” At this point it would be best stated as “April showers bring May storms-for-hours” (not as catchy but you get the point).

All this said, there have also been exciting developments. I am towards the finish line of paperwork and orientations for two internships. Working at these very esteemed health institutes will get me one step closer to learning what field I am best suited for in the future. One of the two is strictly clinical while the other is in Marketing. We shall see which one I operate the best in and find most interesting. Also, I purchased new glasses from Warby Parker that arrive here TODAY with pictures to come. They are called the Chelsea frames in the color Grapefruit Soda *swoon*. My current glasses, also from Warby Parker, are named the Durand in Whiskey Tortoise. I feel as though I can easily be in an Urban Outfitters catalogue whenever I wear them for their hip, street flair. And though I will continue to treasure them as my OG pair of fashionable glasses, I needed a more conservative look for my new day jobs. I hope I can look polished yet vibrant sporting the lenses like this well-groomed model.

I also decided that starting in June I will go back to taking pictures once and for all. I used to take pictures during events and privately for practice. Although I left my precious Nikon at home, I will resume my duties as an iPhone photographer (if that didn’t sound extremely official, I don’t know what will). I will be sure to share some photographs this summer on the blog so stay tuned.

Hope that summed up the month to the best of my abilities. Remember friends: there are two days left of May, and that, to me, is more than OK! 

-Dr. Seuss, I mean, Annie

– Additional notes –

Here is a picture of the frames, as promised!
(P.S: Heidi’s freakishly good looks can be distracting, I know…)

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