Annie-Approved Beauty

As many of you beauty-people know, finding the perfect products is often trial and error that ends up costing some serious $$$. Before YouTube and beauty reviews became synonymous, many of us had to go at this mission alone. Even with the advent of online opinions, you never quite know if something will work out for your skin type, coloring, etc. until you try the product for yourself. That is why when I give you my all-time favorite recommendations, take it with a grain of salt. Also, do understand that I have tried nearly every drugstore product available due to my unhealthy and unregulated obsession so if you want my opinions on nearly anything at your local Walgreens or CVS contact me for that info.

Background: I have brown eyes, blonde hair, light-pigmented lips, and naturally fair and sensitive skin on my face. I get shine on my T-zone without the use of powder but even then, I would not say it is an “oily” region (oh, how I hate that word). My skin is rather “normal” throughout. It is sensitive in the sense that it will get rosy/inflamed easily if a product’s chemical composition is foreign to my skin/too harsh. I have to be careful with moisturizers (besides the one listed below) because I can experience under the surface breakouts. Fortunately, my skin is not all too dry since I stopped using face wash (if you want to know more about why I did let me know!). Also, my lips are perpetually chapped yet I always prefer a matte look to glossy because they are on the fuller side. I have included my favorite balms because, as my fellow chapped-lip friends know, the struggle is real. Also, I did mention my lips are fair because a lipstick on me might look different on someone else because there is very little natural rosiness to them as to modify the applied lip color.

Below are categories with my favorites listed. I really want to know yours so comment with your holy grails. I think everyone can have their “favorites of the month” etc. but the lucky few that are classics should be celebrated and shared with the world. Don’t be surprised if you see two or more products per category—sometimes you can’t choose (and you need price options!)







Enjoy, loves!!


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