What is Neato about Keto/Paleo


Life update for you all: I’m going back to my keto/paleo fusion diet! I say that because I personally apply the principles of low-carb overall with heavy meat. What is a keto or paleo diet, you ask? Click the terms for the answers (and here for the difference between the two). I have to clarify that I am not going back on a super restricted low carb diet in an effort to simply go into ketosis and lose pounds of fat fast (hello, old me). Going back to my gluten-free days means baking more often and creatively, while eating to my heart’s content. Having a refined mentality (while staying away from refined sugars— heh) is so freeing. Heck, I’m writing while gorging into a BROWNIE AND COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM PINT (made from the Enlightened company) with only 8 grams of net carbs! And, friends, it’s so damn good (I’ll let you know my thoughts of the other flavors I bought: peanut butter and mint).

Why am I suddenly going back to this old diet? I have been sick for two weeks and took a break from working out all of last. *Note: I have decided to write a separate post on the mental breakdown/ recovery that ensued from that fitness-hiatus* Anyways, I was feeling really down on myself and unmotivated to continue eating high protein without working out in tandem. It made me realize I was probably going overboard with my protein focus in muscle gain and out-doing the amount of carbohydrates I really need for energy at my desk-job, alone. Then, on Wednesday of that week to be exact, I decided enough was enough. A keto recipe showed up on my Instagram feed that morning, like a sign from above, and I decided to take the plunge back in. Changing my diet means, inevitably, I have to adjust my macros entirely moving forward. This will all be a learning process; in other words, a rewarding challenge. Plus, having a new goal is motivating on a daily basis. I went grocery shopping today (list below) and although it wasn’t the easiest feat (sugar-free items need to be more accessible!) it excited me for all the recipes I have in mind.


Recipes I have made in the past week!







Some old recipes I did back in 2015 when I started this “lifestyle.”
What I realized months into the keto diet was that although I had become very slim from ketosis alone (yay?) my cholesterol levels were dreadful from all the coconut oil I was using. Use coconut oil cautiously!











I presented many pictures of baked goods, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking that is all that is going into my body. I am eating plenty of lean meats, fish, eggs, tofu/tempeh, nuts, and dark greens). I show these in excess because they are the recipes I physically/ spiritually/ mentally need to mimic carby-foods I love (bagels, muffins, cake—you name it). Anyways, If you all want more updates/recipes/favorite websites— hit the like button below/comment/message me!

– Caveman Annie

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