June Updates


Some will recall how I mentioned this past May felt like it would never end. Well, you know what? June couldn’t stick around for a moment’s notice! I feel like I neglected many readers on this platform by posting so irregularly and this is going against my word of keeping you all informed. Fortunately, I have a lot of things planned for July that I’m eager to share! The biggest updates of June have been how busy I have become with my two internships. Both have been quite eye opening in their own ways. The fog that existed between me and my future career aspirations is starting to dissipate. Also, I have become immersed once again in my Keto/Paleo lifestyle and I plan to share more recipes to the blog post I began (you can find it here). Also, I will share my recent makeup beauty hauls AND the workouts I have been obsessing over to get into my best shape yet. I have always been an avid exerciser; never waiting for summer to begin to get into shape (like the next person, I do not like to be rushed!) However, I did have a plateau in my workout regimen with this past month’s slew of colds that took over– most likely a result of a new, hectic work schedule. Now that my health is restored, I am ready in my mind, body, and spirit to work my hardest in all facets of life. Finally, my family and I are going to France in August and j’apprends le françaison, to prepare.

Wishing you all happiness and health today and every day!

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