Carb Night!!!!

Did I fool you??

You might remember I mentioned I was going off the grain-express and aiming for a more keto and paleo eating strategy (low in carbs; high in protein from meats, specifically). Well, I decided to loosen up, especially with the carb avoidance. After all, each of us can benefit from remembering the importance of moderation every once in a while. Nevertheless, in July I decided to make a list of recipes I wanted to try and tonight I decided to tackle one of them: CLOUD BREAD! Maybe like me you have also seen this food trending on social media sites. Fortunately, this delightful morsel is as pleasant to make as it is to eat (and say!) Although this cloud bread is carb-free, I was entertained by its bread-like consistency that I decided to make “pasta” for dinner to have with my cloud bread. Now, you must be wondering why I just used those quotation marks. Unlike your typical pasta, this particular batch of spiral noodles is made from chickpeas and has 43 grams net carbs compared to the 71 grams of net carbs in average pasta—and 10 grams more fiber. Plus, this chickpea pasta (I buy Banza) is gluten-free, soy-free, low GI, non-GMO, and vegan! Let the carb games begin.

For my cloud bread saga, I used this recipe from 10/10 recommend. Unfortunately, I had no cream of tartar in my kitchen so I looked up a substitute and ended up using a 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder. If, like me, you consider yourself a bit rusty in the kitchen (good for us for keeping the good fight!) the most difficult part of the recipe will be separating the egg from egg whites. You cannot get any yolk into your egg whites, so proceed with caution. After you get over that hump, the fun begins. For background, this was my first time whipping egg whites with a hand mixer, and after doing so today, I am going to find more recipes that call for this method because it was so satisfying. Watching the white milky liquid turn into beautiful, fluffy peaks was mesmerizing; delicately folding the yolks, cream cheese, and sweetener into the thickened batter was equally enchanting. After 25 minutes, my beautiful bread babies were ready and looked good as ever.

I made pretty large scoops as you can see. The writer makes about 10 dollops and ultimately I had five (the sixth was a tiny, pitiful mess so I scratched it before putting it in the oven).

Carb dinner is served! I couldn’t be happier with this sneakily healthy meal. Clearly, because I couldn’t wait to take a picture of the bread before biting into it 😉

I challenge everyone to have carb night, cheating or my method!




**Forgot to mention!** For the cream cheese in the recipe, I used Philadelphia Whipped Chive. It gave it the seasoned flavor it needed sans toppings. Just a thought!

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