My name is Annie P and I’m a Florida/Maryland joint-resident, cat enthusiast, nutrition-weirdo, and strong candidate for mental help (the last one was a joke, guys…) I’m not entirely new to content sharing on the Internet— I was a Tumblr-addict and back in the day my Neopets account was lit$$$ (OK, another joke). It wasn’t until recently I decided to give writing a shot. I loved my literature and language courses in High School but I wouldn’t say I’m the best writer around. My goal when writing these posts is for you, the reader, to feel like you are in a coffee shop with me— enjoying an Americano (or Pumpkin Spice Latte, if you’re into that), chatting away casually. I want my rumination to not only serve the purpose of keeping me up at night (*sigh*) but help another person look inward. We have our family and friends in this life but we really need to have the relationship with ourselves on lock. I am an avid learner, reader, and laugher (of my own dad jokes). I hope I shed some light on myself though I know I cannot sum my whole being in 206 words. However, through my writings, you’ll find all the details you need.